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Crosby Supply provides a full range of riding and equestrian services. Whether you are a novice rider or have ridden horses your whole life, you'll find there is always something new to learn and do as a horse owner and rider.

Since senior horses may be less efficient at absorbing or utilizing certain nutrients, SENIORGLO is formulated with specially selected and combined ingredients to meet nutritional challenges faced by many senior horses.

A Premium Blend feed for foals and growing horses (up to three years of age). It is also an excellent feed for broodmares (gestation and lactation).

A Premium Hi-Fat, limited starch supplement. Use to “safely” increase energy density of the diet for increased workloads or to add body condition to thin horses.Unique combination of fats and digestible fibers creates an energy supplement ideal for horses prone to digestive disorders, laminitis and other sensitivities to starch and sugar (insulin resistance, tying-up, etc.)

A Premium Blend feed for elite performance horses.
For serious horse power – maximum nutrition to achieve full performance potential. Perfect combination of fats, fibers and concentrated protein, vitamins and minerals for elite equine athletes.

A Premium Blend feed for mature horses.  Ideal for typical trail and light performance horses.  2X concentrated nutrient formula doesn’t overload caloric intake

Combination of highly digestible, fermentable fiber and vegetable oil sources with limited amounts of high-quality grains lowers starch content of the diet compared to many traditional horse feeds, while at the same time provides energy that is highly utilizable by the horse. Complete GROSTRONG® mineral-vitamin package of 28 minerals, vitamins and electrolytes (including salt and biotin) in appropriate ratios and amounts specifically formulated for horses

Provides a lower starch-to-grain ratio compared with traditional grain mixes
Ideal for mature horses. High-quality protein plus lysine for essential amino acids (provides as much lysine comparable to many 16% protein grain mixes).
Fermentable fibers and vegetable oil lower starch content of feed, creating a healthier feed. Provides GROSTRONG® Vitamins-Minerals, a complete mineral-vitamin package of 28 minerals, vitamins and electrolytes