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The efficacy of vitamin and mineral uptake and utilization is dependant on balance and mineral interaction. When chosing a suppliment for your horse make sure it is a complete appraoch designed and balanced for the precise needs of a horses body.

Ideal for “easy keepers” or starch-sensitive horses. Limited starch (no molasses, corn or alfalfa) formula, Apple flavored.
0.1-0.2% of body weight daily feeding rate (1-2 lb for a 1,000-lb horse) Pellet; 40-lb bag

High-quality protein for essential amino acids (whey, soybean meal, dehydrated alfalfa meal). Easy-to-use supplement and can also be used to fortify custom feed mixes. 33% protein, 2% fat and no more than 6% crude fiber
1-2 lb daily feeding rate  Pellet; 50-lb bag

1-3 oz daily feeding rate
Granular and block forms – Granular form can be fed free-choice, mixed in feed or top-dressed; block forms are handy for free-choice feeding.
Packaging – 5-lb and 25-lb granular bags; 25-lb block or 25-lb QuadBLOCK®, an innovative block designed to be easily divided into four mini blocks for individual stall feeding.

Provide free-choice – An ideal product for meeting supplemental nutrient needs under conditions that make it difficult to individually supplement horses on a daily basis, such as with horses on pasture or range
Ideal for mature horses (gestating and lactating broodmares and leisure horses), yearlings, and two-year-olds.  Reduces labor and amount of time needed to feed large groups of horses.